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Wedding budget. Reasonable cost-cutting.

It is believed that you should not be thrifty when it comes to planning your wedding because it is a major family occasion that will give you memories for the rest of your life. There is a lot of truth in that. Indeed, a wedding is an expensive undertaking and it is understandable that you would want it to be really beautiful, magical and out of the ordinary. But you should also have a reasonable and rational budget strategy. You don’t need to spend a million to make your wedding day really memorable.

Don’t bother about minor things.

Oh, yes. This is the place to start. Some weddings abound in details that ultimately go unnoticed or stake on things that easily could have been done away with. Take special wedding glasses, for instance. They cost at least 30 euros. If this figure seems insignificant to you, then just trust my word as a wedding planner: you can save a decent amount on such trivia. As far as wedding mementoes are concerned, something nice that is truly worth keeping would cost at least 5-10 euros per guest. And if you just opt for sweets in a box costing 2-3 euros per item, well… will it have the desired effect? This point on your checklist can surely be omitted. And do you really need a choreographer for your wedding dance? Maybe an ordinary slow dance will do the trick?

Don’t use special effects

Fireworks in your honour are great. The price of a good fireworks display, however, starts at 800 euros and no one would want to watch a bad one. Inviting a decent band requires a certain budget and compliance with the musicians’ technical and hospitality rider (food, drinks, transportation). And a single singer with a keyboard will hardly command the attention of your guests. A good wedding emcee on the other hand will help create the right atmosphere and will provide entertainment for you and your guests. So do not pinch pennies in that respect.

Save on the transport

Choose a venue to which most of the guests can come themselves. Sometimes it can save you several hundred euros.

Save on the flower arrangement

Wedding decorations turn a mere tableful into a true fairy-tale party. But even here there are some wedding hacks that you may want to consider. Firstly, find an alternative for the arc. The arc is a costly structure requiring plenty of flowers that cannot be reused later. Vases with beautiful floral arrangements can be put into the hall after the ceremony and they will delight the eye for the rest of the evening. Use seasonal flowers. Use candles to decorate the tables. This is a more cost-effective option but it looks absolutely fantastic!


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